Impact in the newspapers of the article describing the structure of  β-galactosidase from Thermotoga maritima and its implication in the preparation of lactose-free dairy products.

"The cryo-EM structure of Thermotoga maritima β-galactosidase: quaternary structure guides protein engineering". S. Míguez-Amil, E. Jiménez-Ortega, M. Ramírez-Escudero, D. Talens-Perales, J. Marín-Navarro, J. Polaina, J. Sanz-Aparicio, R. Fernández-Leiro, Chem. Biol. (2019), Jan 17;15(1):179-188.

Impact in the newspapers of our article on glucosylation of the main polyphenol in green tea and the improvement of neuroprotective properties 
(“Effect of α-glucosylation on the stability, antioxidant properties, toxicity and neuroprotective activity of (‒)-epigallocatechin gallate”. J.L. Gonzalez-Alfonso et al., Frontiers in Nutrition (2019), doi:10.3389/fnut.2019.00030)

Dr. Julio Polaina explains in the newspaper "El Pais" some issues regarding the lactose intolerance and their enzymatic implications

Members of the GLICOENZ consortium solved the 3D structure of the invertase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, an essential enzyme for sugar metabolism with an historical relevance
(Sainz-Polo et al., Journal of Biological Chemistry 288, 9755-9766, 2013).

In collaboration with two universities, GLICOENZ members participated in the development of a method for obtaining fermentable sugars (further transformed to bioethanol) from carrot discards using glycosidic enzymes 
(N.R. Aimaretti et al., Bioresource Technology 123, 727-732, 2012).