16 January, 2015

CINFA Prize 2014 (Spanish Royal Academy of Pharmacy)

A member of the GLYCOENZ-FOOD consortium (Paloma Santos-Moriano, ICP-CSIC) has obtained the CINFA Prize 2014  sponsorized by the Spanish Royal Academy of Pharmacy for her work "Enzymatic synthesis of fructooligosaccharides for the modulation of colonic microbiota" . The coauthors of this research are Lucía Fernández-Arrojo, Bárbara Rodríguez-Colinas,  Antonio Ballesteros and Francisco J. Plou. The awards ceremony will take place on January 22nd 2015 at 19:00 h at the venue of the Spanish Royal Academy of Pharmacy (Calle de la Farmacia 9-11, 28004 Madrid)