28 June, 2023


Several members of GLICOENZ are participating the renowned Biotrans2023 congress held in La Rochelle, France. This congress offers an overview of the latest advancements in the fields of biocatalysis and biotransformations, bringing together innovative and interdisciplinary strategies to overcome scientific and technological challenges.

Marina Minguet, Fadia Cervantes, and Eglė Narmontaitė presented their work on hyaluronidases, tagatose, and fructooligosaccharides, respectively.

                               Eglė Narmontaitė

Characterization of a novel invertase from Trichoderma sp., a producer of a wide range of fructooligosaccharides.

Eglė Narmontaitė, Francisco J. Plou, María Fernández-Lobato

                             Fadia V. Cervantes

Fully biocatalytic synthesis of D-tagatose from whey permeate as a raw material.

Fadia V. Cervantes, Sawssan Neifar, Zoran Merdzo, Antonio O. Ballesteros, Maria Fernandez-Lobato, Samir Bejar, and Francisco J. Plou


                       Marina Minguet-Lobato

New Hyaluronic Acid Degrading Enzymes from Fungi

Marina Minguet-Lobato, Fadia V. Cervantes, David Fernández-Polo, María Fernández-Lobato, Francisco J. Plou